This drawing solitary learning process allowed me opening onto all possible pathways. I thus could explore numerous techniques, styles as well as materials. My skills, along with my creative process, largely arose from the influences of the graffiti and comic books. More precisely, my work goes towards figurative art, where realism distinguishes itself through the multitude of details, the sharpness of the lines. Combining three styles in particular, realism, comics and graffiti, I begin my sketch from a photo or from my own observations. I observe my subject from different angles. Then, my inspiration consists of playing around with my different techniques in order to generate a movement, thus fuelling my experimentation and my work process. I then can free myself from the original model and further imagine other parts.


My work could be summarised as a form of modern expressionism coming from multiple sources such as emotionally overwhelming meetings which I can translate into a gesture and a nervous drawing style. A loss of spatiotemporal markers seems to emerge from the drawing or the painting, disturbing our own usual ways of interpretation. I construct my work from different angles, perspectives, in order to create a logical consequence on the same subject.  



ksy boomkies


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